STORY is the at forefront for everything we do. This includes everything from the words, video, images and colors you use in marketing. Your marketing should incorporate STORY at every level.

DATA is where we look at how your current marketing is working, measuring everything before implementing new initiatives. We don’t act without DATA analysis.


+ Integrated multi-channel Marketing Director experience

+ Delivered customized, data driven marketing analysis and overhaul for 10 businesses, 3 non-profits, and 3 social enterprises

+ Worked with many teams to provide marketing solutions in HTML, web, social media, print, online ads, video, and photography arenas


+ Starting with a branding foundation - this must be perfect

+ Build a marketing calendar with ROI, monthly/quarterly goals and daily/weekly actionables

+ Implement and measure to course correct anything that is not performing


+ What is/isn’t working

+ Address the data gaps

+ A/B test new plans


+ Branding guide

+ Clear value proposition

+ Imagery/video to support



+ Channels to be used

+ Ongoing analysis

+ Consistency


Case Study:

While working with Haiti Made, a social enterprise I first noticed that 70% of all customers, website visitors and social likes were female aged 25-45. However, the marketing was entirely male-driven with harsher colors, fonts and imagery. I worked with the Haiti Made team to overhaul this in the new website, utizliing more females in the imagery, softer/happier colors and fonts, and featuring  jewelry products higher up on the page. In addition, we renamed, rephotographed and rewrote descriptions for all of the products with this new data in mind.

The results were immediate! Compared to the 4th quarter of 2015, 2016 4th quarter sales increased by 67%.



Here are the specific services offered that can be done a la carte or as a comprehensive marketing package: